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Complete façade renovation/restoration

Including Brick Replacement, Repointing, Stone Replacement & Patching, Limestone Replacement & Patching, Terracotta Replacement, Patching & Grout injection, Brownstone Replacement & Patching, Lintels replacement, Parapet Walls, Cornices, Water tables, and Concrete Repairs

New Masonry

Our New Masonry Services include Masonry Stabilization and Rebuilding, Brick & Stone Setting and Replacement, Concrete Flatwork e.g. Sidewalks, Patios, and Steps, Foundation Crack, Inspection and Repair, Crack Repairs on Driveways, Sidewalks, and Stairs

Curtain Wall Restoration, Caulking and Cleaning

Curtain wall systems enhance the look of your building. However, damage to curtain walls happens very often. We make sure the aesthetic and functional aspects of your curtain walls remain the same by offering the most professional curtain wall restoration, caulking, and cleaning services to increase the value of your building in the market.

Waterproofing, Caulking and Flashing

New Roc uses a variety of techniques and advanced tools to address any type of water problem, such as French drains, window well, sump pumps, and stairwell drains, downspouts, waterproofing membranes, crack and structural repair, erosion control, re-grading among others. 

Sheet-metal and Ornamental Steel Work

We work with all types of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, composites, and other metals. We’re mainly focused on supporting each client with estimating, project management, engineering, shop fabrication, and lastly, field installation.

Painting and Special Coatings

Here at New Roc, we are not only trying to enhance the appearance of your precious building but to also protect its surface from damage and deterioration. Certain surfaces require more protection than the others, a protection that the standard coatings simply cannot provide. The specialty coatings we apply in such cases include tailor-made adhesive products that do no only offer great protection but also improve the appearance of the material. 

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